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Learn from a passionate creative professional with over 10 years of experience. Josefien Hoekstra teaches lighting, colour, retouching, creative process and more.

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About Me

A lifelong Passion

Photography has been my passion since I was able to use a (digital) camera. I started taking pictures of flowers and my cats, in and around the garden. Soon after, I started using my sister as a model. We styled her in the most outrageous outfits and applied crazy make-up. It ignited something in me.

My Courses

My goal is to give you the tools, inspiration and ideas to get going and start experimenting.

Josefien Hoekstra

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Kirstin (online course student)
Highly recommend it!
The two-light masterclass was incredibly thorough and demystified so many different aspects of studio lighting. I could fill pages honestly!! I thought the course was so so so so good, everything was broken down really well and easy to understand, and I only have two softboxes and really cheap bulbs, but I still felt the course had a lot of applicable information (and tonssss of inspiration and motivation to shoot more). I hope more people catch on, honestly I’ve looked at other online lighting courses and they were nowhere near as good!!
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