The Posing & Composition guide

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With this guidebook you will learn about the key elements of posing and composing to apply in your work as a photographer or model. It is an in depth look at what rules exist, what principles Josefien applies, why these things work and what to do with them. With this guide full of examples and explanations, you will surely be inspired and eager to plan a shoot to put it all into practice. You can use the chat function to ask Josefien Hoekstra questions about the course or request feedback. (live chat at announced times, at other times you will have to wait for a reply.)

“This is a guide. Not a rulebook. What makes a composition or pose work is personal and subjective. However, I am of the opinion that there are certain things you can learn that will make (com)posing a lot easier for you to understand, and make your images flow a lot better. In this guide I will explain some important principles that you can apply to your work as a photographer or model.”

This is a text and image based cours


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